Community music making has the power to connect, communicate, heal, inspire, and  build community like no other language can.  Messages found in its sounds and rhythms allow us to collaborate and co-create, transforming into something new and greater than before we began.  Drumming is by far the easiest method for creating spontaneous authentic community connections.

It is an especially rewarding drum-music making experience, getting to collaborate with intentional communities that, at their very core, seek to inspire, enrich, nurture, and celebrate each member’s transformation.  DrumQuest is dedicated to supporting communities that demonstrate compassion for and a commitment to the process of its members’ growth.  These communities provide a caring, compassionate, and judgement-free environment, and support members achieving their highest levels of growth potential and development.

Pathfinder Village | Music for People


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Nancy Kelly Class

Pathfinder Village and Pathfinder School, nestled in the rolling hills of rural Central New York, have long histories of creating opportunities for students and residents with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities.  Through individualized services and supports, people create lasting friendships, develop independence, realize a sense of community, and grow from many experiences at the beautiful campus and in the greater community.

Pathfinder’s educational, residential, enrichment and other programs align with the proverb, “It takes a village …” in creating a supportive community that encourages personal ties and redefines social roles for people with intellectual disabilities.  Local schools, area residents, community organizations, and others engage in beneficial relationships where everyone experiences growth.  Drumming from the heart, visiting and experiencing life through this unique community is always joy-filled.  Smiles and laughter, communications and steady development are true indicators of Pathfinder Village’s motto, “…that each life may find meaning.”®


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Music for People

Founded by Grammy-Award Winning Artist David Darling, Music For People Harbors the belief that musical genius exists inside everyone and that differences in musicianship are determined not by proficiency levels, but rather simply by experience. This warm, inviting, and compassionate improvisational music community practices mindfulness through music. All are welcome. Human beings need to express themselves daily in a way that invites physical and emotional release. Gentle, safe, affirming, and fun facilitation in all forms of music – with emphasis on expression – ensures an enriching experience.

Music for People provides a Bill of Musical Rights to help shape weekend and week-long experiences. One article states, “There are as many different ways to make music as there are people.” Another is that “Any combination of people and instruments can make music together.” And still another says, “Music improvisation is a unique and positive way to build skills for life-expression.”

One can simply come as curious player or go further by enrolling in the Music Leadership Program to deepen practice and be able to offer one’s own community programs. With the hallmark axioms “there are no wrong notes” and “silence is your friend,” this improvisational style of music making invites experienced professional and aspiring musician alike to experience deeper, more profound listening, only to discover and express sincere and authentic musical genius.